-BC- LS80
-TI- Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White (1880 edition)
-CN- 7
-CT- Marriage and United Labors
-PR- 03
-PG- 258
"My husband attended meetings in New
Hampshire and Maine, and during his absence I
was much troubled, fearing he might take the cholera
which was then prevailing. But one night I
dreamed that many were dying with the cholera.


My husband proposed that we should walk out, and
in our walk I noticed that his eyes looked bloodshot,
his countenance flushed, and his lips pale. I
told him I feared that he would be an easy subject
for the cholera. Said he, 'Walk on a little further
and I will show you a sure remedy for the cholera.'
As we walked on we came to a bridge over a stream of
water, when he abruptly left me and plunged out of
sight into the water. I was frightened; but he soon
arose, holding in his hand a glass of sparkling water.
He drank it, saying, 'This water cures all manner
of diseases.' He plunged in again out of sight,
brought up another glass of clear water, and as he
held it up, repeated the same words. I felt sad that
he did not offer me some of the water. Said he,
'There is a secret spring in the bottom of this river
which cures all manner of diseases, and all who obtain
it must plunge at a venture. No one can obtain
it for another. Each must plunge for it himself.'
As he drank the glass of water, I looked at his
countenance. His complexion was fair and natural.
He seemed to possess health and vigor.
When I
awoke, all my fears were dispelled, and I trusted my
husband to the care of a merciful Elohim, fully believing
that he would return him to me in safety.