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link to page from medical reference, with the low ATP connection to cancer, thus low energy connection to cancer, at the cellular level.

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(pepper above has the correct number showing geometrical symmetry of the molecular configuration ensuring a large exothermic reaction-increase of temperature as electrons are released from the chemical reaction (transferred to the mitochondrial respiratory chain by "chemiosmosis") to be absorbed by the body's surrounding medium as a charge transfer surplus to be used in increasing the body's total reserve of bio-chemical-electrical energy-ATP.)

12-4-09 Last night I cut an Hungarian Wax Pepper, and it had two sections or halves, I'm saving those seeds hoping to select offspring and seeds to have this variety produce two-lobed peppers. It's sepal-calyx had the pattern of 5.

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A basic premise on food- All foods react in the stomach.  There is a charge transfer of electrons in each chemical reaction. Exothermic reactions release electrons to the surrounding medium, and results in a "warm" reaction. Endothermic reactions absorb electrons from the surrounding medium, and results in a "cool" reaction.

Below are three KEY statements giving the foundation of this understanding.

"In its fundamental aspects, oxidation implies the release of energy through transfer of electrons from foodstuffs, first to systems that can receive them directly and from, by a series of oxidation-reduction systems, to oxygen itself" Physiology in Health & Disease p. 64

p. 64 "...the concept broadened to include any tearing away of electrons." (speaking of "foodstuffs", tearing away electrons from)

p. 62 "Practically all the energy released by living bodies is derived from the potential energy of their food constituents...In the breakdown of substances, energy is either released (exothermic reactions) or is absorbed from its surrounding medium (endothermic reactions)."

I postulate that foods with the pattern of 10 and 5, the foods release electrons as energy, and in non 10 and 5 patterned foods, they absorb electrons from your metabolic pool of ATP, (the surrounding medium), robbing your carefully prepared ATP energy from your body's reserves. This plentiful supply of ATP is the first line of defense against cancer, which multiplies from a lack of c-AMP which is made from ATP as adenylate cyclase reacts on it in the cell wall. See. Chemistry for the Health Sciences, page 323. 1977


Lenny Bratcher-Moderator


Very short essay on the physiology of the Migraine headache of the burning type, by

Leonard L. Bratcher

From a medical book: Chapter on "Bioenergetics"
Phsyiology in Health & Disease by Carl J. Wiggers, M.D. 1944, page 64

"The Mechanisms of Oxidation. --Energy can be derived from food-stuffs either by splitting them into simpler components or by oxidizing them.   The first process is called fermentation and the second, oxidation.  Fermentation is a simpler and more primitive, but also a more wasteful, process, since much of the energy remains in the final breakdown products (e.g., lactic acid, and alcohol).  In more complex organisms, oxidation is added to conserve the energy value of foodstuffs.  Thus, while cells of the lowest phylogenetic group can live without oxygen, it has been known every since the discovery by Lavoisier (1777) that animal life is contingent upon the avalability of oxygen.  Such oxidation does not occur through direct combination of organic substances with molecular oxygen; it is accomplished only through intervention of complex oxidation-reduction systems, the nature of which still remains somewhat confused.  Their gnereal roles appear to be (a) to establish energy gradients in the direction of substrate oxidation and (b) to activate substrates to be oxidized and, in some cases, the oxidants as well."

Job 20:14 Yet his meat in his bowels is turned, it is the gall of asps within him.

Translated more plainly.

Yet his food in his bowels has soured from the poison of venemous worms, tapeworms, within him.

Cooked food is much more readily converted or "turned" or soured, by unhealthy conditions in the bowels.

Notice above in red, the lower forms can live by fermentation processes, while the higher by oxidation.
Worms, parasites, are lower forms dependent upon "Fermentation".

So parasites live by the fermentation process of breaking down food into useable fuel, while the higher forms do not live by the process of fermentation, but by the oxidation-reduction of food, not direct burning, but by controlled steps of a complicated mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation process.


Raw food has the life force still, whereas cooked food has none, latent, dead. No organic life activity.

Raw food does not sour in the intestines, as fast as cooked food is converted into fermentation.

This "souring" poison, released by the large worm or nest, and in a person with a weak compromised liver, which would normally remove the parasite toxin, triggers "lights" and the following migraine, in many migraine sufferers, as the cerebral blood vessels engorge, triggered by the poison of the worms.

The brain vessels become engorged, the digestive machinery and peristalsis halts fully as the tapeworms gastric motility factor toxin increases in volume. The increased pressure pushes on the anterior pituitary gland, squeezing out excessive amounts of ADH, (anti diurectic hormone) which in turn shuts down the kidneys excretion of uric acid. Rising levels of uric acid in the blood is rapidly reflected into the cerebral spinal fluid.

Thus in chickenpox virus damage to the meningeal coverings, the virus hiding in the cerebral spinal fluid, has irritated the ventricals brain tissue into releasing histamine, increasing the intracranial pressures, which in turn transmits a terrible burning feeling as the increased uric acid in the CSF burns the histamine irritated meninges covering the ventricals lining.

Vasodilation seems to be related to the  chemicals amyl nitrite and histamine. (from Physiology in Health & Disease)

Leonard L. Bratcher

On ATP by Lenny Bratcher

As we have an Ocean within, so we have Pools within. One of these Pools is the Metabolic Pool of Adenosine Tri Phosphate. Adenosine Tri Phosphate, the ENERGY MOLECULE (abbreviated ATP), can be described as the body's MOLECULAR "BATTERIES" which provides the ELECTRICAL ENERGY OR PROPAGATING FORCE needed to carry out nearly every cellular metabolic activity. (1, 2c)

ATP is the "charged" state of the MOLECULAR "BATTERY".

Adenosine Di Phosphate, (abbreviated ADP), is the "discharged" state of the MOLECULAR "BATTERY". The difference being ADP has lost one PHOSPHATE ION and a number of ELECTRONS as ENERGY. The "T" in ATP stands for Tri meaning three. The "D" in ADP stands for Di meaning two. The "M" in AMP stands for Mono meaning one.

Our BLOODSTREAM spreads out into a thin sheet as it flows over about 150 SQUARE METERS of LUNG SURFACE AREA on the ALVEOLAR AIR SACS absorbing ELECTRON RICH OXYGEN FROM the AIR we breath. This ELECTRIFIES the BLOOD imparting to it a BRIGHT LIVELY COLOR. This LIFE-GIVING BLOOD transports ELECTRON RICH OXYGEN to the MOLECULAR "BATTERY CHARGERS", the MITOCHONDRIA. These are the little vesicles in each cell that contain the ELECTRON TRANSPORT SYSTEM, which is responsible for converting or "Charging Up" ADP back to ATP.(4) This process is called MITOCHONDRIAL OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION, which requires ADP, a PHOSPHATE ION, ELECTRONS, and FUEL. Another name for this process is MITOCHONDRIAL RESPIRATION, or is called the MITOCHONDRIAL RESPIRATORY CHAIN(3a)

The charge or discharged state of our metabolic pool of ATP "BATTERIES" determines our cellular METABOLIC POWER and ability to maintain a state of homeostasis reflecting our level of Health, and Vital ENERGY, and affecting our resistance to disease. (2a)

It is vitally important to get plenty of EXERCISE and REST, while breathing FRESH OXYGEN RICH AIR which will "RECHARGE our BATTERIES", our pool of ATP ENERGY molecules. (FRESH AIR=ENERGY)

Active Transport is a function carried on in the outer wall or membrane of each cell. It is a mechanism which pumps different materials in and out of the cell against a concentration gradient, which requires energy, keeping up healthy CELLULAR RESPIRATION. The sodium-potassium active transport pump is one of the largest consumers of ATP in our bodies. It is responsible for maintaining CELLULAR MEMBRANE VOLTAGE POTENTIALS. Active Transport uses ATP as its ENERGY source. (2b)---OVER ONE-HALF OF THIS MITOCHONDRIAL PRODUCED ATP IS CONSUMED BY THE KIDNEYS IN KEEPING THE BLOOD PURE--

Cyclic Adenosine Mono Phosphate (abbreviated c-AMP) IS PRODUCED FROM ATP. c-AMP acts as a metabolic regulator, normalizing the activities of the cell. When c-AMP is INADEQUATE (REMEMBER IT IS MADE FROM ATP THE ENERGY MOLECULE) the activities of all the enzymes speed up to the point of chaos, leading to one type of UNCONTROLLED CELL GROWTH which we call CANCER. (3b)---It is apparent that CANCER results as cellular ATP CONCENTRATIONS (LIFE ENERGY) diminishes. Nearly every metabolic reaction requires ATP, the ENERGY molecule.

Leonard L. Bratcher

p.s. If you are making cakes, and you run out of flour, the production of cakes, stops. Just so the body in producing c-AMP, when ATP the life force energy molecule, ready to release electrons as needed by metabolic processes, when the supply of nearby valence electrons gets low, from modern energy absorbing appliances, and chemical poisons, the mitochondrial respiration production or recycling of ATP gets low, then the cellular production of c-AMP slows to the precise level of ATP production, which is lowered by violating the principles contained in the Hebrew Torah, given by HIM Who dwells in Eternity. "By The WORD of Thy Lips, (He spoke in Hebrew, and only the Hebrew WORDS contain mathematically encoded, by the numbers of His Name, showing Authenticity,  messages) I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer" By the numbers of His Name we can weed out of our diet, foods that rob us of energy, that do not have the numbers of His Name Yah.

So cancer comes in direct proportion of cellular energy from which c-AMP is made from, gets low. So the hydrolysis method is the most direct and powerful form of influxing electrons, I know of,  in gentle but powerful "drifts" from the water passing through the skin, at the friendly atomic frequency of the bodys' own atoms. and drinking water and using water that has spent some time (in a container) in the hydrolysis bath. River of Life is this water now, having absorbed a huge drift of electrons.

So c-AMP is the "governor" of the activities of the cell, which when it gets low, the "coiled spring" becomes "unsprung" and cancer grows wildly because of the low energy levels of ATP from which c-AMP is made from.


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